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I love Prairie Meadows… Since working in ND since 2008…this is the best place we have ever lived! As a woman, I feel safe which is a rare thing. I appreciate the features like the full size washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and the refrigerator plus the living space….especially the big mudroom at the entrance and the garage. The best thing is this place feels like home plus there is a sense of community and a road family”

Tammy from Oklahoma

Lived here for 16 months and I liked it because of proximity to work. The environment was quiet, clean , safe and well- managed. Management was prompt to answering all questions. lovely couple.

Yaw from Minot, ND

This place is very quiet and comfortable. It was nice having our own washer and dryer in our unit. The owners do an excellent job keeping the area clean and free of noisy tenants. It is very safe, well managed and dog friendly.

Trisha from Minnesota

Kelly with Prairie Meadows is an amazingly kind and wonderful lady! Highly recommend doing business with her, she makes it super easy and never disappoints!
Sarah from Minot, ND

Clean, safe and very well managed building with a sense of community. Love the Hawaiian bbq!
Greg from Phoenix, AZ

Beautiful, quiet, wonderful views, houses in excellent condition, close to town while being far enough away to maintain a quiet safe lifestyle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Ally from New Town

I really love it here. It’s so clean and quiet AND the homes are just beautiful.
Great management!

Amelia from New Town

This is the only place that has felt like home since I’ve been in ND!!
Will from Phoenix, AZ

I lived at Prairie Meadows for a year and a half in a furnished home and it was great. The furnishings were comfortable, clean and the kitchen had everything I needed in it.The staff and owners went out of there way to make our lives easy. It was quiet and very safe with no crime. I also liked the landscaping with the grass and boulders around the property. (I watched them dig the rocks up from the field behind the property and place around the property.) I liked the clean sidewalks instead of usually having to walk thru mud! There was lots of parking for everyone and extra wide driving areas. Overall its a very well run community in a great location and I will go back if I am working in the area again.

King from WA